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Theresa Marie was born and raised in the Bay Area where she fell in love with dance at a very young age and danced her way to Los Angeles (in 2005).  She started her fitness and wellness journey as a compliment to her career as a professional dancer. While working hard to advance her career, now signed as an Associate Creative Director with McDonald and Selznick Associates, she has had the pleasure of working with companies/celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Nickelodeon and The Ringling Brothers.  During the same time, she obtained her teacher certifications in AIReal Yoga as well as professional indoor cycling. While working as a dancer, choreographer and most recently a creative director, in addition to infiltrating the fitness and yoga festival circuits with her work as a cycle and AIReal Yoga instructor, Theresa took to Yoga and Foam Rolling as the most accessible and beneficial healing art forms for her own personal bodies ailments and thus started creating what is now known as SOulFULL Roll® with co-founder and best friend Shayne Rocha.  Theresa feels extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to work with many of the most beautiful body movers and physical artists in her various physical industries and has made it one of her personal missions to share her knowledge, helping others to realign themselves from within using her SOulFULL Roll® method to achieve total wellness.

Contact Information
Phone: 510-519-4164
Social Media
Instagram: @SOulFULLRoll
Insurance: None
Hours of Operation: Check website for locations and times
Los Angeles, CA, USA, See website for locations
Burbank, CA, USA, See website for locations

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