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Ashley Mowrey

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Performance Mindset Coach

Whether you’re a dancer who’s ready to stop comparing herself and start feeling confident, a teacher who wants to regain her passion for teaching and stop feeling so burnt out, or a parent who wants so badly to help… you’re in the right place. As a competition dancer turned dance teacher and company director, I saw a need for dancers and teachers to gain access to tools to let go of insecurities and fears, have the courage and confidence it takes to stand out in the dance world, be led by inner motivation, and have the inner strength needed to handle criticism and critiques. After receiving my degree in psychology from the University of Arkansas, I trained with Life Coach and Author Tara Mohr to become a facilitator in her Playing Big Leadership Program for Women.

Since then, I have created a safe space for dancers, teachers, and parents to gain these tools needed to navigate the dance world with a healthy and positive mindset. I see clients in person in Fayetteville, AR and via Skype or Facetime all over the country. I also travel to studios for my customized group workshops where I bring all of my material to your company, teachers, and parents. I can’t wait to hear your story and see what we can do together!

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