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At Doctors For Dancers (DFD), we’re more than a directory; we’re a passionate community dedicated to the health and wellness of dancers. Our journey began from a personal story of struggle like so many of our Dance Specialists, where the lack of specialized care for dancers became evident. We understand the unique demands of dance, the toll it takes on the body, and the need for expert care that truly resonates with dancers’ needs.



Join the Movement

If you’re passionate about dancer health and wellness, and you’re looking for a platform to make a tangible difference, Doctors For Dancers is your home. Join us in our mission to provide the dance community with the care and support they deserve.
Schedule your interview today to start your journey with Doctors For Dancers. Together, let’s keep the dance community healthy, strong, and thriving.

Why Join Doctors For Dancers?

Be Part of a Mission

Join a movement that connects dancers with our exclusive group of passionate specialized healthcare professionals. Our mission is to ensure dancers have access to professionals who understand their craft and can provide tailored care. 



Community and Collaboration

Connect with like-minded professionals who are committed to making a positive impact in the dance community, share insights, and grow together in supporting the dance world. 


Increase your visibility among dancers, dance teachers, and parents actively seeking specialized health and wellness services.



Direct Impact

Your expertise will directly benefit dancers who often struggle to find professionals who understand their unique needs.

Trusted Resource

Our thorough interview process and credential requests ensure that we maintain our status as a trusted resource for dancers, connecting them with professionals who truly understand their unique needs as Artistic Athletes.



Joining DFD means being part of an elite group of professionals who are:

  • Passionate about dancer health and wellbeing.

  • Dedicated to continuous learning about dance medicine.

  • Committed to making a positive impact in the dance community.

By being a part of Doctors For Dancers, you get to share in our vision of a world where every dancer has access to knowledgeable, empathetic, and specialized care, ensuring their health and longevity in the art form they love.

Ready to Make a Difference? Apply now and join our community of dance medicine specialists dedicated to the health and success of dancers around the world.

The Joining Process

We conduct thorough interviews to ensure our specialists are not only skilled, but also deeply attuned to the dance community. 

The Process is Simple:

  • Initial Inquiry: Express your interest and share a bit about yourself.

  • Interview: We get to know you, your expertise, and your passion for dancer wellness.

  • Credential Submission: Provide your professional credentials and liability insurance.

  • Welcome Aboard: Once approved, you become a valued member of DFD! 

Are You The Right Fit for Doctors For Dancers?

At Doctors For Dancers, our mission is not just to connect dancers with health professionals but to bridge them with experts who truly comprehend the intricacies of a dancer’s life. We’re seeking professionals who don’t just treat dancers but understand them – their art, their passion, their challenges.

Before You Apply: Key Considerations

At Doctors For Dancers, we value professionals who not only have the technical expertise but also a deep understanding and appreciation of the dance world. Before applying, please reflect on these essential aspects to ensure alignment with our core values and mission.

Before You Apply, Consider These Questions:

  • Do You Understand The Dance World?
  • Do you understand the intensity of dance training and the discipline it requires?
  • Can you relate to the unique physical and emotional challenges dancers face during training, auditions, and performances?
  • Are you familiar with terms like plié, pirouette, or with the five styles of hip-hop?
  • What is your familiarity with the audition process, competition pressures, and the mental resilience required in dance?

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