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Dr. Mona Tsutsui, PT, DPT, CFSC, RKC

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Special Offers: Free fitness assessment with our training team. If you are dealing with an injury, please go to our PT inquiry form for a free consult call with our team
Mona Tsutsui is a Physical Therapist based in NYC and is a Pilates teacher certification candidate. She earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in Miami, where she built skills in manual therapy. Her background in ballet, contemporary, figure skating, and hip-hop based teams, has led her to the realm of physical therapy with a goal to help injured dancers get back to doing what they love. She specializes in performing arts and dance medicine and has clinical experience working with Broadway performers (ie: dancers, vocalists, musicians) backstage and in rehabilitation. Your 1-on-1 sessions with her encompasses a comprehensive assessment of movement, exercises, manual therapy, with an individualized plan to reach your goals. Her aim is to have you be confident and empowered by your rehabilitation journey and to have you back dancing stronger than before. Mona emphasizes the importance of implementing various elements of training (ex: strength and plyometrics) in a dancers' prehab/rehab program to improve the dancers’ resilience and preparedness for the physical demands required in performances, competitions, and showcases. She hopes to normalize physical self-care and training within the NY/NJ dance community to help promote strong and resilient dancers.

Services provided:
  • Guiding/game planning what you need to be a successful dancer
  • Training to stay a healthy dancer for longer
  • Prehab & injury risk reduction training
  • Physical therapy / personal training
  • Personal Training & dance performance enhancement training
  • Dance event on-site Physical Therapy services (per request)
Other services:
  • Musician physical therapy
  • Vocal massage


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Contact Information
Phone: 510-858-6779
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Instagram: @mona.t.dpt / @mxa.pt
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Tues: 8am - 8pm Wed: 8am - 8pm Thurs: 3pm - 8pm Fri: 8am - 11:30am Sat: by appointment only

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