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Ariel Harlev – E=motion Sports and Dancers Rehabilitation Clinic

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Ariel Harlev graduated the Athletic Training studies in 2005 and since then decided to specialize in non-professional athletes and dancers. The reason for choosing this way is the importance he gives to the dancing industry from the medical point of view and the need for specific knowledge and skills to understand the dancing world and the stage needs.

Contrary to a regular person, Dancers have a specific mechanics that need to be understood and evaluated with the right terminology and perspective in one hand, and with the understanding of the professional needs and pressure that the stage world requires in the other hand.

E=motion Sports and Dancers Therapy is minded to provide the dancers with the right approach, with modern techniques for rehabilitation and always respecting the time-frame of the individual and the needs of the dancing company/school.

The combination of the hands-on work together with the advanced modalities and the corrective exercises is a winning approach that brings the dancer to return to full activity in a safe, preventive, and short period.

E=motion Sports and Dancers Therapy is available also after regular office hours because we understand that "the show must go on" and there is no time to wait till the next day or Monday after the weekend to give an immediate response to a dancer in distress or to an injury. For that reason, the moment the dancer is a part of our preventive program, they know they can reach out at any time and we will be there.

Events and shows participation is another aspect of our service. Whether there are not injured dancers or if there are, we travel with the company to give all the support needed - if at the theatre in the town or anywhere is needed.

The last and certainly not least: Our slogan is "We treat PEOPLE, not just INJURIES". We believe in the person, the athlete, the dancer and not only in their condition. That's the most holistic approach and this is what we want to provide and to teach.

Contact Information
Phone: 707-948-6480
Social Media
Facebook: @emotionsportstherapy
Insurance: FSA-HSA
Hours of Operation: Check Website
4665 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX, USA, Suite 212, Texas, USA 77027

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