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Melissa Buffer MSPT, CNPT – Buffer Trenouth PT and Wellness

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Melissa Buffer, MSPT, CNPT has been an orthopedic physical therapist and dance medicine specialist based out of Boston/Cambridge since 2006. She now owns and operates a company offering both in-person and virtual services to movers and shakers of all backgrounds and disciplines. Back in 2007, Melissa found, built, and managed a bustling outpatient clinic for a small local company, then for a corporate PT company through 2019. Finding herself at a breaking point, Melissa took all of her long hours, intense drive, and thousands of hours, and curated a space geared towards what she feels most passionate about - A full body synthesis with a strong anchor in centering the physical body with the brain’s natural intentions.

Melissa has extensive experience with orthopedic and neuromuscular issues as well as post operative and chronic conditions. She uses a wide range of manual techniques, hands on neuromuscular retraining and re-educating, and a specific corrective exercise prescription to ease movement, balance the body, and reduce pain. Every body and story is unique and requires a specifically catered plan to address the individual needs. Melissa uses a creative approach to do this in an engaging, collaborative way. Most recently, Melissa has earned a certification as a nutritional physical therapist, incorporating more tools and techniques into her practice everyday, truly treating the body from the inside out.

Melissa also has been working with the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville dance, theater, and circus communities for many years and continues to provide backstage care for American Repertory Theater, Huntington Theater, and many area theaters and dance companies. She was a member of Boston’s Rainbow Tribe Dance Company for 13 years and continues to be engaged in the area dance community, including an active member of the Boston Dance Alliance (BDA) and the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS). Melissa is a regular yoga and pilates student and incorporates these disciplines into her PT practice. She is the very proud mom of 2 wonderful girls, Annabelle and Rose, and is fully supported and devoted to her husband, Jason, her PT mentor and best buddy.

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Contact Information
Phone: 503-678-9806
Social Media
Instagram: @btpt.movement
Facebook: @BufferTrenouthPT
Insurance: NA, cash based; HSA/FSA okay; documentation provided for out of network reimbursement
Hours of Operation: Check website
763 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA, USA, Suite 7, Massachusetts, USA 02139

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