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Dr. Scott Ruth, PT, DPT, NSCA-CPT – Dance Performance Training

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Special Offers: FREE and unique training program for dancers with a focus on your glutes, to boost stability, improve control, build power, and increase your activation for better and safer dancing.

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Trainer providing online and in person rehab and fitness training to get rid of your pain, ensure full recovery from injury, protect your body, and dance your best!

Our performance programs can be fully online through our apps, supplemented with zoom coaching sessions, or in the clinic with us! They will address your specific obstacles or limitations, holding you back from more flexibility, higher jumps, improved balance, and achieving more in your dance!

They’ll also always include the exercises to help prevent or recover from injuries.

If you are dealing with current injuries or pain, simply give us a call/message to discuss our Physical Therapy services. Again we utilize virtual (fully online services) when needed to allow dancers to be as independent in their recovery as possible.

You can meet with us in person or via online video to dig into what’s actually causing your pain. We will focus on giving you all the knowledge and power to address your pain/injury, but also protect the area so it never happens again! We deliver a free app for this as well, so you can do your exercises with video demonstrations and guides. We’re always available for sessions to help, but love to keep you in charge and only help as much as you would like/need!

Don’t wait and let your concerns worsen any more! Send us a message now and let us get you on the path to having your best dance season yet!

For a bit more about me:

I’ve always had a passion for fitness and learning how the different parts of the body interact – so I started my journey as a Personal Trainer in 2009, earned a BS in Exercise Science in 2010 and then became a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2014.

I’ve been working with athletes since earning my degree, but my focus shifted to performing artists in 2016 and realized how much misinformation and misdirection was being given to Artistic Athletes. I saw the same, avoidable injuries time and time again, and knew typical ‘rehab’ just wasn’t enough.

By shifting my focus to prevention and exploring my passion for performance enhancing resistance training, I’m seeking to transform the physical fitness and performance of Artistic Athletes everywhere.

Contact Information
Phone: 813-389-8033
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Instagram: @DancePerformanceTraining
Facebook: @DancePerformanceTraining
Insurance: Out of Network Benefits or Cash Payments only
Hours of Operation: Check Website
Odessa, FL, USA, Florida, USA 33782

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