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Hannah LaBoyteaux – Certified Pilates Instructor, Sports Medicine Massage Therapist

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Hannah is a professional dancer, certified Pilates instructor, dance educator and Sports Medicine Massage Therapist from Eastern Indiana. Hannah has received her extensive training in dance from Wayne State University and developed her passion for somatics and kinesiology. She began her exploration towards injury prevention and rehabilitation using Pilates and discovered the practice to enhance the longevity of her dance career. After graduating from Wayne State, she continued her passion for Pilates and continued on towards a full apparatus certification from Club Pilates. 

Hannah began to implement Pilates into her dance pedagogy practice as a way to educate other dancers on somatics and the importance of a mind-body connection. After transitioning her practice towards a rehabilitative approach, Hannah continued to research body work methods that benefited her dancers peak performance while preventing injuries. Hannah was first introduced to cupping therapy as a modality to help with a knee injury she experienced as a professional dancer and found great benefits that enhanced the way that she performed. She then wanted her dance students to experience the same benefits. 

Hannah received her Sports Medicine Massage Therapy diploma from Indiana Wellness College and works alongside a sports chiropractic physician in Indianapolis. She utilizes different body work modalities such as cupping therapy, Graston, and Kinesiotaping as a form of sports massage therapy for dancers and performing artists. She also combines this with Pilates as a form of low-impact cross training for dancers. By providing sports massage therapy and Pilates services, dancers will truly enrich their performance potential while receiving a therapeutic and rehabilitative experience. Hannah aims to create a space where dancers are seen, heard, and understood through every treatment session and receive the kind of compassion and grace they have always deserved.


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