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Bridge Over Waters Physical Therapy is a hybrid concierge physical therapy company committed to the highest quality of care. Dr. Justin Kwai PT DPT opened the private practice in response to the needs of the common community and lack of access to quality physical therapy. Dr. Kwai has provided the exclusive physical therapy services to the last five seasons of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, and NBC’s World of Dance thus far. Specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine, Dr. Kwai specializes in the efficient diagnosis of dysfunction in industry dancers and application of elite intervention for return to ideal performance.

Justin picked up dancing while attending Boston College and was able to compete in regional group dance competitions such as Elements Dance Competition, VIBES, Fusion, and World of Dance NYC/Boston.

Dr. Justin Kwai PT DPT is humbly available to any dancer in need in the Los Angeles region for addressing specific dancer related needs! If outside of the Los Angeles vicinity, video conference may be available if applicable.


Contact Information
Phone: 201-575-0060
Social Media
Instagram: @bridgeoverwaterspt
Facebook: @BridgeOverWatersPT
Insurance: Cash Payments Only
Hours of Operation: Variable
Los Angeles, CA, USA, California, USA 90028

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