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Dean Sosa, PT, DPT, BRM

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My name is Dean Sosa and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and strength coach for artist-athletes. I graduated in May 2020 from Saint Joseph’s University. I have several years of clinical experience working with high school and collegiate athletes using strength and conditioning principles to help these athletes return to sport and remain on the field. My personal dance style is influenced by hip hop dance, popping, and waving. I am an alumni of Strictly Funk Dance Company based in University of Pennsylvania which is a showcasing dance team that performs choreography based dance influenced by hip hop and contemporary dance.

The dance community continues to amaze me with how the level of talent has evolved since I started dancing myself. Because the complexity of dance has progressed so much over the years, it is important to understand that this calls for a continuous increase in physical and mental capacity to participate. As a healthcare professional, my goal is to instill the principles and values of how to responsibly take care of our bodies as humans which will then translate into supporting the dancer in you. Dancers have been undertrained for so long which calls for a push in strength and athletic development to achieve longevity in your dance career, safety with dance, and strong execution in your performance. Dancers are athletes and we should train as athletes to prepare ourselves for our sport. 

I provide online and in-person (location depending) physical therapy and strength coaching services for dancers. Physical therapy and strength training will target these skills required to sustain your dance career: strength, power, endurance, speed, agility, and flexibility. My strong background in holistic health, strength and conditioning principles, and dance lay the foundation to help you achieve your goals as a dancer. If you are a current dancer looking to return to strength training, a previous dancer dealing with injuries that prevent you from participating in your artform, or a dancer that is looking to begin your strength training journey, I would love to support you. I am super excited to not just help you with your physical goals, but to also learn about your personal story with dance!


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Phone: 856-924-8208
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Instagram: @juzdean.dpt
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Los Angeles, CA, USA 90048

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