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Doctors for Dancers is here to help by providing specialized athletes with the resources to find a variety of health options for Dancers and Performing Artists.  We have Dance Specialists who understand what dancers bodies go through so you can get the help you need.

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Theresa Ronna, DPM, Kayal Orthopaedic Center, PC

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Your feet are your foundation, a stable strong foundation has the ability to keep you injury free and dancing for life.  I am Dr. Ronna, a dancer turned doctor with a passion for keeping dancers feet healthy, strong and on their toes. I practice holistic podiatry and use cutting edge techniques to diagnose and treat a multitude of foot and ankle issues.  I have treated dancers from Broadway to Dancing with the Stars and everywhere in between.  My approach is a multi disciplined one where I utilize other professionals who treat dancers such as physical therapist, chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons.  I understand the unique demands and needs of dancers and tailor my treatment plans accordingly.

Dr. Ronna spent 17 years of her life in a dance studio prior to becoming a podiatrist.  She trained with many highly regarded pioneers in the field of sports medicine and completed an internship with Dr. Lyle Micheli, MD, a Harvard Medical School professor, dance medicine expert, and orthopedist to the Boston Ballet.  I spent two subsequent years in clinical observation at the Miller Health Care Institute for Performing Arts in NYC, where she was trained by Dr. William Hamilton, MD.  Dr. Hamilton is a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon who is considered the father of dance medicine and is the orthopedist for the American Ballet Theatre, NYC Ballet,  and the Ailey company.  After completing a surgical residency, she spent three subsequent years caring for Marines and Sailors at Naval Hospital Camp LeJeune.

Dr. Ronna has been part of the medical teams for several NYC marathons, the 1988 pre-o;ympic games, the 4th All African Games in Nairobi, Kenya, the World Games in Rome, Italy and the Can-Am Rugby tournament in Lake Placid.  It is in this capacity that she is able to blend her knowledge of lower extremity biomechanics and her firsthand dance experience to bring outstanding care to young, aspiring performers, retired performers and trained athletes.

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