Kali Bright

How it happened: 

In January of 2016 I was involved in a terrible car accident that left me hospitalized and with many complications that unfortunately still affect me to this day. A group of my friends and myself were coincidentally on our way to a dance class when we were rear ended while we were at a complete stop, the car hit us going about 50mph and because  I was sitting in the back I blacked out on the scene and was taken in an ambulance to the hospital.

What happened next:

At the hospital I was unable to move my legs and even after tests and MRIs they had a hard time diagnosing exactly what was wrong with me. When I left the hospital I was pretty immobile for a few days and was extremely lucky that my parents were able to come and help me in LA for a few days! When I was finally able to stand by myself I flew home to AZ to be with family while I recovered. I was going to a lot of Doctor and Physical Therapy appointments and although it was helping it was still very frustrating for myself having to walk with a cane because especially as a dancer we are so used to being physical. I was walking with a cane for a few weeks and was definitely not up to par physically to get back to dance. I definitely missed out on multiple opportunities in my career because of my accident. It took quite some time, but I got back to dancing of course and definitely quicker than I should have because as dancers we all know how it is to be eager to get back on the dance floor even if that means sacrificing our physical bodies. It was a long process and nobody ever thinks that any sort of accident is going to happen to them, especially one that will leave you not able to do what you love most. Even to this day I suffer from some pretty bad back pain and hit up my chiropractor quite a bit, but I am glad that I am okay and I am grateful more than ever for my able body.