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Janette Dishuk, MA, R-DMT, LMT, CPMT Synergy Arts & Wellness/DancerSpace

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Janette brings her unique perspective, compassionate heart, and arsenal of knowledge and skills to her work with dancers. As a body-based therapist (movement, mental health, massage) and professional dancer, she takes an embodied and stress/trauma-informed approach to her work. She is a licensed massage therapist, creative arts & dance/movement therapist, wellness consultant, adjunct dance professor, and events & program development specialist. Janette is the founder/director of Synergy Arts & Wellness and the creator of DancerSpace (a comprehensive program of services, workshops, initiatives, and events designed specifically for dancers/athletes, the dance community, and those who work with dancers). Her philosophy/mantra around dancer wellness is: "paramount to anything else is the wellbeing of every dancer in their health, artistry, and life balance as artists, dancers, individuals, and human souls."

Janette is dedicated to using her in-depth knowledge, experience, and resources from all her professional fields to creatively meet the health and wellness goals and needs of dancers of all ages, levels, dance genres, and abilities. Her field work in dance, creative arts therapies, social justice arts & dance, massage/bodywork, and mind-body work has included working with individuals with a very wide range of issues related to injury recovery and prevention, mental health, anxiety, depression, dancer-identity & sense of self, self-advocacy, nutrition, body image, confidence self-perception, mental focus in training and performance, body-stored memories, grief and loss, and other medical, physical, psychological, emotional, developmental, social and relational issues related to dance/sports life, school, work, family/friends, and more. She incorporates dance/movement, mindfulness, meditation, embodied movement practices, arts-based exercises, and other creative approaches to teaching dancers about mental health and wellness through dance & cross-conditioning, improvisation, technique, self-awareness, life balance, mind-body health, self-expression, self-advocacy, stress management, dancer wellness, and career prep and development. Janette’s services, classes, and workshops complement the technical training of dancers/athletes in ways that motivate them to grow stronger and freer; that inspire them to trust themselves more; that create a safe environment for taking risks, talking about hard stuff, and developing a deeper understanding of themselves; and that support their individuality, creativity, self-care, prospective career paths, and overall growth and wellbeing.

As a professional dancer, Janette is a freelance performer and teacher/presenter/lecturer and has been a principal company member and soloist with the Art of Motion Dance Theatre (AOMDT) since 2009. She was a featured performer with AOMDT at the 2014 TEDMED conference. (https://youtu.be/Io45MLN-9IQ) (http://aomdt.org/home)

In Fall 2019, Janette presented her work and research at several conferences – national and international. These presentations included both lecture and experiential formats and covered the following: 1) Moving Dancers Toward Mental Wellness: Dance/Movement Therapy, Trauma-Informed Bodywork and Embodied Dance for Mental Health Support (IADMS, Montreal, Canada), 2) Engaging a College Campus and Local Community with Social Justice Dance Initiatives and The Prismatic Nature of the Power of Dance: Creative Voice for Healing and Performance (NDEO, Miami, FL), and 3) Trauma-Informed Identification & Treatment of Symptoms Through Movement Therapy, Artmaking, and Dance (Expressive Therapies Summit, NYC).

In addition to the arts, health, and wellness services she provides, Janette also dedicates herself to advocacy and awareness efforts. She is an active member of the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA), Doctors For Dancers (DFD), International Association for Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (IACAET), International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS), IADMS/Dance for Health, National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), National Organization for Arts in Health (NOAH), and she is a proud team member of the Bridge Dance Project – NJ (BDP-NJ) and A Call to Boy Moms (special group for A Call to Men). Her passion and dedication to creativity and health are informed and supported by best-practices and evidenced-based research; all of which guide her work in education, advocacy, collaboration, performance, research, and program development.

Ms. Dishuk graduated from Villanova University with her B.A. in Sociology with double minors in Psychology and Education and holds her Master of Arts in Creative Arts Therapies concentration Dance/Movement Therapy from Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions. She is registered with the American Dance Therapy Association and is a NJ state licensed massage therapist specializing in dance/sports massage, therapeutic touch massage, massage for mental health, teen/child/infant massage, and palliative/comfort care touch.


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